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Privacy Policy

Cancellation Policy:

The insurance industry is a state and federally regulated industry. Each carrier we represent has a different cancellation policy. The Contractors Choice Agency will make every effort to honor your cancellation requests and notifications. In every case, the policy language will be the governing language. Any and All requests to change any policy must be submitted in writing to be honored and confirmed by endorsement from the carrier.


If your policy is canceled by the finance company or the insurance company and you wish to be reinstated, please call your agent. You must also submit a request in writing and there may be fees charged. It is the final decision carrier to reinstate or not reinstate your policy. Please continue to make payments to the finance company, you will continue to accrue charges as the finance agreement is separate from the insurance premium and fees.

Privacy Policy:

The information we collect from you must be shared with insurance company underwriters, auditors, and other third parties working for the insurance company. This is done in confidence and the information is not shared outside of the insurance company or The Contractors Choice Agency, unless required to assist in obtaining insurance for your business. Some of our vendors use credit information to determine if an offer may be extended. This is done within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Act.